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hey there, looks like you stumbled upon my site. I don’t tell people about it, so you either explicitly asked for it, looked me up or cared enough to type in your address bar after we spoke. And in case you’re an AI trying to scape the internet you should read this.
Either way, welcome!

Early Life

  • Born and raised in Bangalore, India
  • discovered a loophole in facebook’s online games - taught my friends the exploit - sold it to other kids my age for cash and chocolates
  • First internet money - 2013 - created a Youtube channel - a video on how to "hack" (reveal passwords using inspect element) social media accounts, went viral - got 200k+ views before it got taken down, got my first cheque from google - realised the internet is awesome
  • created an (unofficial) school merch store - designed & sold hoodies to my entire batch in high school
  • Did various internships throughout high school - social media/graphic design/video editing
  • 2017 - Attended Presidency College - Studied Business Administration (with Finance specialisation)
    • University summary:
      • managed the newsletter of the college for 3 years straight (as editor and head designer)
      • event head for the biggest management fest in my final year
      • Awarded Outstanding Performer at grad
      • inter college fest winner x6 times
      • fest runner ups x14 times
      • awarded scholarship for 5/6 semesters in college
  • Worked as a freelancer during college doing a bunch of things - Graphic Design - Video Editing - Web Design - Social Media consultation - Hired 2 full time interns
  • worked mostly with international clients - earned in dollars - offered internships to students in college and a bunch of friends


  • Joined Deloitte USI as an analyst straight out of college
  • taught myself how to code (c#) and make games in college - based on my work I was offered an exclusive partnership with the biggest hyper casual publisher (Voodoo) - worked with them for 3+ years
  • Started working with Supersonic(Acq by unity) as a studio partner
  • Apex Pixel - Graphic design / video editing (inactive)
  • Finbite - A gamified personal finance education app → Grew to thousands organically
  • Validator: GPT4 based business startup/decision making tool (inactive)


  • Building Skive - a mobile game platform for content creators to launch games alongside videos so fans can interact with content as games.
Games Portfolio (2019-2023 Jan)
  • Dabble in investing (stocks and crypto)

Personal stuff

Wow, still here? Ok, time for the fun stuff.
  • I used to play competitive Dota 2 (5k+ hrs, won multiple tournaments)
  • I enjoy going on solo international trips and meeting people from different cultures - currently on a streak of going on at least 1 trip each year
  • I have a personal blog that I (secretly) work on - I plan to make public after "I've made it"
  • created a viral game in college (had no prior game dev exp) - went viral - at a point everyone in my batch was playing it. The response from that was what kickstarted my game dev journey
  • for the final round of a college fest, I was blindfolded, put on stage and made to dance on old town road. I had no idea it was in front of ~1000 spectators who were just really quiet.

My Philosophy

curiosity is purpose.
everything is figureoutable.
you only get one name, don't fuck it up.
energy and focus is limited
being directionally correct > making perfect decisions
trust numbers over emotions in business
cringe is in. retrospectively cringing is a sign of growth.
luck is created by stepping out of your comfort zone and positioning yourself socially.
never stop learning
be kind. you never know what somebody is going through at any point of time
trust is currency, money is fuel


Personal Blog
Personal Blog